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[Fall semester 2021] Admissions Guide for intl’

1. Application Schedule The schedule will be subject to change. * Time in South Korea

Every specific schedule will be sent to registered e-mail account when you wrote down online registration system.

 If you didn't check your e-mail on a regular basis, Applicant must be held a accountable for the all the occurred problem. 

No calls for guidance *Check spam box


Class ification

Time (Korean Standard)


Online Application

2021. 4. 5.(Mon) 10:00 ~

   5. 3.(Mon) 17:00

PNU Admissions

Web : Graduate International students

· JINHAK APPLY website


Note that once the Internet application is submitted, the application cannot be canceled and the applied department and major cannot be changed.


of required


By post

2021. 4. 5.(Mon)~5. 4.(Tue)

Arrival by deadline of submission date

·The address of submission of required document (by post)

Address : 2, Busandaehak-ro 63beon-gil, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, Rep. of KOREA

1st Floor, Main Admin. Bldg:205

PNU International Office

Tel:051-510-3879 Zip code: 46241

When sending your documents,

Write down your Name & application number

By visit

  2021. 4. 2.(Fri) 10:00 ~

     5. 4.(Tue) 17:00

*In case of in-person submission, Location will be notified later.

Announcement of admission decision & Print out of admission confirmation document

2021. 6. 30.(Wed) 16:00 (tentative)

*Please check 2021 fall semester guidelines without any trouble especially with tuition payment.

PNU Admissions website


Guidelines for New International Students

PNU International website


Printout of

Tuition Bills

   2021. 7. 5.(Mon) 10:00 ~

Student Support System


Tuition Payment

Paying in Korea

2021. 7. 6(Tue) ~ 7. 12(Mon)

Within banking hours.

(see tuition bill)

Transfer from overseas

2021. 7. 6(Tue) ~ 7. 12(Mon)

PNU’s overseas account of NH Bank

(Scheduled to announce “PNU Guideline” for New Students)

If you missed a tuition fee payment period, It will be canceled automatically.

Issuance of

Certificate of Admissions

(VISA document)

2021. 7. 8.(Thurs) 10:00 ~ (tentative)

PNU International Office

(1st Floor, Main Admin. Bldg.)

The certificate will be posted to the address listed on the application form. (Applicants in Korea can visit PNU to claim the certificate after notifying us in advance.)

* Submit address by email if you have changed addressForm 7

* Successful Applicants who live in Busan should visit PNU to receive the certificate in person)

Submission of Degree Authentication document

   2021. 8. 31.(Tue) 17:00

PNU International Office

(1st Floor, Main Admin. Bldg.)

All newly-accepted students with a degree from a foreign university/college

  and graduates-to-be submit the original documents including 

Graduation certificate and Transcript with apostille/authentification issued by Korean embassy or consulate.

If you have not submitted authentication of your degree by the deadline without a valid reason, you may face cancellation of admission.