Kwon, Soon Chul  사진
Kwon, Soon Chul
Associate professor
Water Resources Engineering



Ph.D., Civil&Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A


Research Area



- Coastal structure design for the prevention of natural disaster

- Low-carbon Eco-friendly design for rivers and coasts

- Coastal erosion prevention technology




- Nonpoint source control technology and modeling

- water environment certification based on low impact development technique

- Hydrological analysis for maintenance of continuous wetland




- High Power Fuel Cell Research

- Development of Li-Ion battery

- Development of CO2 absorbent and conversion catalyst

- Development of Geo thermal energy

- A study of Absorption and Reaction Mechanism Using Density Function Theory(DFT)

Research Activities


Main Organization


Period of Research


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Development of efficiency verification and evaluation technology of GI & LID water circulation element technology


Cooperation researcher

Ministry of Environment

Development of Korean Green Infrastructure Water Environment Verification and Certification Technology


Cooperation researcher

Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning

Enhancement of energy convergence system based on low impact development technique


Senior researcher



Selected Papers


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