Choo, TaiHo 사진
Choo, TaiHo
Water Resources Engineering



1998 Ph.D in Environmental Hydraulics, University of Pittsburgh.


Research Area


Development of Estimating Equations of Flow Rate, Shear Stress, Friction Velocity and so on in Pipe Line and Open Channel Using Entropy, the Probability Statistical Method


Development of Techniques for Structural Secure of River Flow Considering Basin Properties


Development of the Operating Rules and the Function Formula of Suitable Site for the Bluedam


Development of the Function Formulas on Suitable Site for Securing Water Resource Facility Using Geo-Spatial Information


Analysis of Rainfall, River and Dam Operation by Heavy Rain Event


Development of the Reduction Measures for Water Disaster(Flood and Drought) Considering the Climate Change


Causes Analysis of and the Development of the Measures for the 4 Major River (Flood, Drought, Seepage, Headward Erosion, etc.)


Development of the Reduction Measures for and Cause Analysis of Algal Bloom in the 4 Major River


Methods to Improve Drinking Water Rate


Development of the Reduction Measures for Fine Dust, Heat Wave and so on by Utilizing the Blue Concept


Estimation of the Wind Wave Damage based on Disaster Statistics


Prevention of and Response to a Forest Fire Using the Method of Water Circulation


Research Activities


Development of Structural Techniques to Secure River Flow Considering Basin Properties, Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement, 2012.07-2017.06.


Low Impact Development(LID) of Infrastructures of Creative Ocean Port City and the Construction of Management System, Ministry of Science and ICT, 2013.09-2020.02.


Methodology Development for the Estimation and Prediction of Direct and Indirect Damages/Losses from Flood and Wind Disasters, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, 2015.05-2019.12.




Selected Papers


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