Hyojung Kim 사진
Hyojung Kim
Structure & Physics of Organic semiconductor materials
Associate Professor

 Research Field

. Organic semiconductor physics

. Organic Electronics: OPVs, OFETs, Graphene devices

. Organic hybrid perovskite PVs

. Multi-functional films and LSC (Luminescent solar concentrator)



. 2003. 2. GIST, Materials Science and Engineering, Ph,D

. 1997. 8. POSTECH, Physics, Mater’s degree

. 1994. 2. Ewha Womans University, Physics, Bachelor’s degree


 Work Experience

. 2011.03 ? 2013.02: Seoul National University, Dep. of Materials Science and Engineering, Research Professor

. 2007.12 ? 2011.03: Seoul National University, OLED Center, Research engineer

. 2006.02 ? 2007.11: Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Senior research engineer

. 2004.10 ? 2006.02: LG Chem. R&D Campus, Senior research engineer

. 2003.03 ? 2004.09: European Synchrotron Radiation Facilities, Postdoctorial researcher


 Research Results 


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1. Sangmin Chae, Kuk Hyun Cho, Sejeong Won, Ahra Yi, Jiyeon Choi, Hyun Hwi Lee, Jae­Hyun Kim, Hyo Jung Kim, "Favorable Face-on Orientation of a Conjugated Polymer on Roll-to-Roll-Transferred Graphene Interface", ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES, 4(23), 1701099-1701099 (2017/12), SCIE

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1. Juae Kim, Nam Hee Kim, Seyeong Song, Song Yi Park, Sangmin Chae, Eunhyoung Bae, Il Kim, Hyo Jung Kim, Jin Young Kim, Hongsuk Suh, "Syntheses of PCDTBT containing tetrafluorobenzene as electron-withdrawing group with deep HOMO energy level and applications for photovoltaics", POLYMER, 102, 84-91 (2016/10), SCI

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