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[Insurance] Information on PNU Group Insurance Registration for International Students in the Spring Semester of 2023

**Please check the attached file for detailed information!**

This is a notice for PNU Group Insurance Registration for International Students in the Spring Semester of 2023.

Please make a payment within the designated periods so that you do not get any disadvantages.

【Insurance to Register: NHIS(National Health Insurance Service +

Private Insurance(PNU Group or Personal Insurance)

※ Although you are registered in NHIS, you must register in private insurance

to get all categories of benefits covered while staying in Korea.

A. Students who need to register in PNU Group Insurance:

     All PNU international students studying in the spring semester of 2023

     (new students, enrolled students, reinstated students, exchange and visiting students,

      degree candidates(optional), researchers(optional))

     1) PNU Group Insurance: DB Inbound Insurance for International Students

     2) Benefits: Look up the guidelines(WARNING! Those who are not registered/ not paying the NHIS fee will have

                        service limited and get 40% of the treatment fee covered ONLY, 20~30% deductible)

     3) Coverage Period: 1 semester - Mar. 1st(Wed), 2023 ~ Aug. 31th(Thu), 2023

                                      1 year - Mar. 1st(Wed), 2023 ~ Feb. 29th(Thu), 2024

        ※ PNU Group Insurance service starts on the first day of the spring semester.

            We recommend students individually prepare insurance for the period that PNU Group Insurance does not cover.

     4) Insurance Fee: 1 semester - KRW 45,540 & 1 year - KRW 65,070

        ※ New students, students with more than one semester to study must register for ONE YEAR.

     5) How to Register in PNU Group Insurance: Print out the bill and make a payment within the designated periods.

     6) Payment Schedule


Payment & Bill Printing in Korea

Regular Payment


(1st) Feb. 1st(Wed) 10:00, 2023 ~ 5th(Sun) 23:00, 2023

(2nd) Feb. 22nd(Wed) 10:00, 2023 ~ 25th(Sat) 23:00, 2023

Additional Payment


(Final) Mar. 7th(Tue) 10:00, 2023 ~ 11th(Sat) 23:00, 2023

(NEW) Mar. 6th(Mon) 10:00, 2023 ~ 9th(Thu) 23:00, 2023

※ Payment periods are carried out 3 times to help your course registration result 

    confirmation. Please choose one from the above periods and pay ONLY ONCE.

B. PNU Group Insurance Registration will be exempted if you have another “Private Insurance”.

    ※ NHIS registration is mandatory even if you have other private insurance.

        1) Subject to: Students who have private insurance ※ Please submit a certificate every semester until you graduate.

        2) Deadline: by Feb. 28th(Tue) 23:00, 2023

        3) How to: Submit a copy of the insurance certificate by email(